A Multi-Tier Approach to Joint Pain in New Berlin WI

A Multi-Tier Approach to Joint Pain in New Berlin WI

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Have you been suffering from pain and stiffness as a result of joint pain in New Berlin, damage, or degradation? You are certainly not alone. Unfortunately, joint pain is an extremely common complaint, with symptoms ranging from mild, periodic inflammation to limited mobility and an overall decrease in a person’s quality of life.

Fortunately, there are viable solutions to improve joint pain, and we can help to inform you of its underlying causes and your treatment options.

Common Causes of Joint Pain in New Berlin WI

Joint pain can stem from multiple causes, the most common of which being:

  • Osteoarthritis: A very common type of arthritis, mainly occurring in older adults. In this instance, joint pain results from the breakdown of cartilage which serves as a protective barrier between joints.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis: Unlike osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that triggers pain and swelling in the joints. Women are more prone than men to suffer from RA.
  • Injury: Whether acute (think a bone fracture or sports injury), or sustained through repetitive movement over time, an injury can trigger persistent joint discomfort.
  • Tendonitis: This occurs when there is inflammation of the tendon and can cause joint pain in the correlating tendon and joint.
  • Bursitis: This condition describes the inflammation of the cartilage or cushioning surrounding the joints.
  • Overall age: After years of wear and tear, it is understandable that joint pain and problems may manifest in middle-aged to older adults.
  • Being overweight: Additional weight may add unnecessary strain to the joints, further contributing to discomfort and degeneration.

Treatments We Offer

We offer several safe and effective solutions to alleviate your joint pain. All of our treatments are non-surgical and designed to provide long-lasting joint relief that is quick and easy. This means little to no recovery time and a diminished need for questionable or ineffective pain management methods like painkillers.

In fact, each of our procedures focuses on amplifying the body’s natural healing ability in order to decrease joint stiffness and soreness while increasing your quality of life. We have found that our patients often respond best to a multi-tiered approach, involving a combination of procedures and treatments that work together to address your concerns.

Our treatments for joint pain include:

  • Chiropractic care: Gentle manipulations are used to promote healing by returning your body to its natural alignment. This takes pressure off your joints and nerves, which calms inflammation and discomfort in troubled areas.
  • Laser therapy: A hand-held laser device delivers energy through your skin and into the deep tissue of your problematic joints. This stimulates the surrounding cells, which begin to heal the affected areas.
  • Spinal decompression: A gentle stretching of the spine that encourages the movement of necessary fluids and oxygen, thereby promoting renewal and healing.
  • Platelet-rich therapy or PRP: Injections of your own highly concentrated plasma are used in this all-natural procedure. The curative properties within the PRP aid in the healing process and help to alleviate pain.

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