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Chronic Pain New Berlin WI Physical Therapy

Exercise and movement are important and effective stimuli to help the healing process and maintain balance, mobility, and strength while receiving pain relief care. Prolonged inactivity and bed rest can actually increase pain and causes the muscles to become stiff, weak, and unconditioned. An exercise program that is monitored, gradual, and progressive will often provide the best long-term outcomes, along with pain relief care, to help reduce back pain, improve spinal health, prevent future episodes, and maintain strength and mobility for the whole body. Get help with chronic pain in New Berlin WI.

 What is Physical Rehabilitation in New Berlin WI?

Exercise and movement help the back naturally by allowing discs to exchange fluids; this is how the discs receive nutrients. This fluid exchange helps to reduce swelling that occurs around injured discs. If the swelling is not taken care of through exercise and pain relief care, the discs become malnourished and degenerate.

Exercise also helps improve the flexibility in tendons and ligaments, which in return helps improve the mobility of the body and helps prevent further injury. Exercise also helps stretch, strengthen and "reeducate" muscles that support the back and other areas in the body. When muscles are weak, especially back and abdominal muscles, they cannot support the body properly leading to injury and more pain. Using stretching, strength and balance exercises, and proper body alignment education allows the body to maintain appropriate motion to keep it healthy.

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