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understanding how acupuncture works

If you're dealing with pain, acupuncture in New Berlin may be for you. Can you imagine how effective a healthcare discipline would have to be in order to last hundreds of generations? Because so much of the media and research is focused on the latest surgery and pharmaceuticals, important and necessary forms of health care are being overlooked. Acupuncture has been used as a medicinal technique for over 2400 years, and its safety and effectiveness have been demonstrated numerous times. While acupuncture has been demonstrated to be the most effective treatment for a variety of diseases, it can also be included in other treatment programs to improve outcomes and reduce treatment time. Regen Med Pain Relief Clinics would like to utilize this brief article to give you some basic facts about acupuncture and see whether you might be one of the millions of individuals who can find relief using the treatment.

The History Behind Acupuncture in New Berlin WI

Acupuncture has been used as a medical treatment for about 2400 years, although its philosophy and foundations reach back before written history. In fact, it's thought that acupuncture was first practiced with needles made from finely ground stones. Around 300 B.C., the earliest work describing acupuncture as a medical system (The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine) was written. Finely carved metal needles quickly replaced the stone variety, and it is said that royalty used gold and silver needles on a regular basis. Despite the fact that this initial text has been changed, amended, and added to for thousands of years, it continues to serve as the cornerstone for today's acupuncture practice. Acupuncture is being used in hospitals and private health care clinics all over the world, and it is included in many western paradigms.

How can Acupuncture help me?

With all of the pollutants in our surroundings, it's critical that our bodies are equipped to engage with and respond to each challenge we face. While the traditional and western theories of acupuncture differ, they both deal with our bodies acclimating to their surroundings. Various places throughout the body have been identified as having a substantial impact on our body's overall physiology after thousands of years of investigation. Fine needles are typically precisely positioned at these sites, depending on the intended end effect, to stimulate various components of our hormonal, immunological, and endocrine systems. A variety of neurotransmitters, natural painkillers, and hormones are released after these systems are aroused. Following acupuncture sessions, patients at our Regen Med Pain Relief Clinics have reported the following effects:

  • Reduction in muscle spasms and discomfort
  • Swelling is lessened in various parts of the body
  • Infections are reduced as the immune system is stimulated.
  • Back and neck pain are at a minimum.
  • There are fewer headaches
  • Digestion has improved
  • Improved sleep
  • Able to be active with fewer injuries
  • Women notice fewer gynecological problems

What should I know before my first acupuncture appointment?

The first thing to know before going to an acupuncture session is that the needles used are not the same as ones you would find in a hospital. The majority of patients report their acupuncture session as calming and pleasant. In fact, some people say they don't feel anything at all.

We'll start with a complete history and examination on your initial visit to our clinic in New Berlin. We will identify the issue areas and prepare a specific treatment plan after the results have been assessed. Patients usually rest for 30-45 minutes after the sterile needles are inserted to allow the treatment to take effect. Massage, moist heat, or cold packs may be used in conjunction with the therapy, depending on the individual instance. The entire visit usually takes around an hour.

The therapeutic impact varies depending on the severity of the disease, as it does with many other conditions. Many patients say they feel better right away, while others say they see benefits up to two days after treatment. Relief might last anywhere from a few hours to many weeks, depending on the patient and the amount of appointments. It'll be crucial to keep an eye on this so that your treatment plan may be adjusted accordingly.

While the risks of adverse effects are modest, some people have reported slight nausea, bruises, muscle soreness, and difficulties sleeping after their first treatment. Don't be frightened if this happens; simply contact your treating health care physician before your next visit.

Whether you'd like to learn more about acupuncture in New Berlin or see if it could help you with your current treatment, please contact our experts at Regen Med Pain Relief Clinics right away.


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